Direct Indexing vs. Personalized Portfolios: Trends to Help Win New Clients

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The next evolution of personalized wealth management is customized investing. This is a key trend that builds on direct indexing but offers greater control over asset allocation, asset selection, and portfolio optimization efforts like rebalancing, tax management, and values-based investing.

In this webinar, Vise Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Runik Mehrotra, Senior Investment Strategist Travis Fairchild, CFA ® and Account Manager Laura Foster, CFA ® explain how this trend can help advisors win new clients and deepen existing relationships.

Join us and walk away with actionable tips on:

  • Why legacy solutions no longer meet client expectations
  • How to talk to clients about direct indexing vs. custom indexing
  • The new tools and technology that open the door for greater personalization
  • How customized portfolios create greater tax optimization for clients and the ability to pursue higher expected returns

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